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To keep this site clean and tidy, I will share most news in my blog. Since I am no native speaker, the blog currently is available in German only, but this might change in the future; I will keep you informed about this.

To my Blog:



Finally, I found my time to create and upload some content to my YouTube channel, but again, it is currently available in German only.


Whoever is interested nevertheless can follow this link:



You have some videos showing crazy, funny, unbelievable stuff? You want to share it with the world, but don't want to create your own YouTube channel? Well, we could help each other here. I have create a playlist named "Casuality's curiosities" on my own channel and would gladly upload your contributions there. Of course, I will name you as the contributor, if you want that - I don't want to reap what others have sown. Presently, the playlist is a little short, so please help me extend it!



I don't know yet what I could use this category for, but if and when I need it, it is at least already pepared!

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