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The development team of Mimimi-Productions based in Munich, Germany, has a big agenda: no less than the revival of the dormant "real-time tactic games" is the goal of their current work-in-progress, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. This title follows the tradition of successful games like Commandos or Desperados. Also other well-known brands released games in this games a few years ago, e.g. Star Trek Away Team, but with only moderate reception, if I remember correctly.


Nevertheless, I played all three of the abovementione titles, which is why I was totally thrilled when I could play the demo level of Shadow Tactics at Gamescom 2016. As I am planning the start of my own YouTube channel right now (first videos are already online!), I contacted Mimimi and asked for their permission to create a Let's play. Of courste, today (September 2016) the release is still to happen and thus a Let's play not possible yet, but they reacted positively and provided the artwork an pictures shown on this site. Just tune into the feeling they create.






I also link videos below, which show the official announcement teaser, a Developer's Walkthrough (both in Englisch) as well as a report from German games magazine "Gamestar", in which one of the managers of Mimimi, Dominik Abé, plays the complete Gamescom - demo level (which will not be part of the actual game) and shows some scenes from one of the real, much bigger levels. Enjoy!


Whoever now wants to preorder the game, good news: that's already possible, with December 6, 2016, being the official release date. I would be glad if you would use my Amazon partner link to preorder Shadow Tactics, but I am actually not sure whether it works outside Germany!


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Announcement Teaser (Englisch)










Developer's Walkthrough (Englisch)











Gamescom-demo level (German)











Shadow Tactics on my YouTube channel (German)

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