Pillars of Eternity (EN)

With Pillars of Eternity Obsidian Entertainment wrote gaming history: from zero to hero, this crowdfunding project skyrocketed after a very successful Kickstarter - campagne and presented itself as a worthy heir to the legendary Baldur's Gate II. The two-part add-on The White March delivered further, high quality content, even though the first part of the add-on met a little more enthusiastic reception than the second part.


Myseld, I have only played the main yet (as of October 2016) , because it IS a huge timekiller. And even though The White March ranks top on my "to do - list", I will most likely not play the addon in the nearer future. True to my goel to provide tipps for Casual Gamers, however, I create a little series of guide videos on my YouTube - channel to help reduce said "timekiller effect" to a manageable level. If you are interested, join me on my little travel!






Of course there is not much new to report about a blockbuster game after it has been released for more than a year now. Therefore, for all who don't know "Pillars" very well yet and can understand the German language, I link below to the test video of GameStar , there should also be plenty of leads on YouTube to English videos. Furthermore, I add some appetizers below: some choice screenshots ein as well as the official teaser trailer for The White March, Part II.


If after all of that you have decided to purchase the game, I would be glad if you would use my Amazon partner link to do so! This one links to the "Game of the Year Edition", which contains the main game and both parts of the add-on. However, I am not sure whether this works outside Germany.


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Official teaser trailer The White March, Part II












GameStar - Test video for Pillars of Eternity











Pillars of Eternity on my YouTube channel



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