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Games - my most favorite hobby, even though I recently had to neglect it more and more, because the job, my family and dozens of other obligations somehow seem to eat up most of my free time. At least family is also more important, no doubt about that.


And even if I have some time, I don't have much. How do you use that little time to your best advantage? Surely, there is not the ONE answer to that question. But nevertheless, I would like to share some tips and advice regarding choice games, which even the "Casual - Gamer" with little available time can enjoy or which he or she at least can give a shot, even though they may not seem likely candidates at first glance.


The list below currently is not very impressive yet, but I am working on it.


Of course, nobody must take my opinion for the one and only truth, just try it for yourselves!And as a little bit of warning - I am no native speaker, so please don't be too harsh in your judgment of my spelling and / or grammar!

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Pillars of Eternity

EVE Online




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