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EVE Online - since 2003, this jewel in the crown of the development studio CCP Games from Iceland is live and online, but shows no signs of fatigue or old age. Besides World of Warcraft, EVE is not only one of the oldest representatives of the MMO Genre, but also one of the few games which successfully bind players to themselves, despite a monthly subscription fee, and have been providing high quality content to their community as well as modernized graphics and gameplay. Not always to the Community's full satisfaction, naturally, but still so good that one can meet many thousands of players online each single day.


EVE has several unique and distinguishing features to its credit, compared to other MMOs: Players accumulate skillpoints in real time and thereby improve their characters, even during offline hours, meaning that classical "leveling" does not happen. On the one hand, this means that a newbe will never be able to catch up to a veteran, but on the other hand the newbe can be the vet's equal in selected areas of expertise after only a few weeks or months of training. Additionally, there is only one server, meaning all players are always acting in one and the same universe (aside from the test server). This is especially important for the extremely realistic simulation of economy, even though the graphical presentation is a little "dry" and - besides other factors - earned EVE the monicker of the "largest Excel table in space". In the trading post, offer and demand, patience and the skillful placement of purchase and sell orders create powerful financial empires alongside the empires of player-controlled space in the lawless regions of null or wormhole space.


In 2013, EVE was "knighted" by the famous New York Museum of Modern Art, which selected EVE to become one of only 14 computer games displayed constantly in the museum's exhibition (Source: Wikipedia).


You think there is not much to report about a 13 year old game? Wrong! On November 15, 2016, the "Ascension"-Patch will bring the dawn of a new age: for the first time it will be possible to play EVE for free for an unlimited time. Of course, there will be restrictions, because the subscriptions will still be available in the form of so-called "Omega Accounts", and will have to give the players something for their money. But the new so- called "Alpha Accounts" will at least offer the opportunity to discover the world of EVE free of costs. Maybe this will lure a lot of players to EVE for which EVE's reputation as being very complex and beginner-unfriendly was too daunting it give it a try. I, for one, would be really happy about that, because despite EVE's complexity and depth (or maybe even because of it) I always enjoyed my time in EVE tremendously.


For such new player, CCP also redesigned the "New Player Experience", meaning the way newly created characters are introduced into the game. CCP is calling this phase "Inception". Therefore, I decided to return to the EVE universe after some months' absence, create a new character and publish its story on my YouTube channel. As soon as the "Ascension"-Patch goe live, I will let him retire, create a new character again and compare the new Player Experience to the old one. Furthermore, I will of course also test the capabilities and restrictions of the Alpha Accounts. I would be happy to meet you again on my channel when the time has come (and you can undertand German...)!


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Official DevBlog-Video for the Ascension-Patch


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